Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

This weekend I was surprised at how many people, okay only four, asked me how my training was going since I hadn’t posted anything in my blog.  I was shocked that anyone was reading it, except for Death-Hills Janice who is my only official follower.  So I’m back.

Yes, I trained last week and as I tend to do, I write my blog in my head during my swimming, biking and running, but it just never seems to make it to my computer.  I swear my thoughts are really super inspiring while I’m training.  SUPER!  So tonight I will try to remember the thoughts racing through my head during today’s swim, but first – last week!

Actually, I can’t remember what I did last week except I went on meds for strep and I ran with Death Hills Janice, did a weights video with On Demand and finally got my butt on my bike!  Yea me!!!  I even figured out how to take the bike off my trainer and pump up my own tires!!!  Yes, that’s right – I’m excited about my seemingly small accomplishment of pumping up my own tires, but as sexist as it sounds and is, I got married for the small benefit of never having to ever again pump up tires, pump gas, pump anything and there you go…So after a few attempts of totally deflating my tires, I figured out the tire values and I was good to go.

Ah the bike!  It’s really pretty and I’m still very, very scared of the clip-less pedals.  Jack adjusted the pedals to the lowest setting and I’ve watched the You Tube video a million times “heal down and twist”, but really I am just scared to death of falling into traffic and being run over by a car and dying.  So instead I rode my bike for the specified 45 minutes with my sneakers on top of the pedals.  I know it is inefficient.  I know I am stupid.  I don’t want to hear it.  I’m just not ready.  I’m just plain scared to death.  And if you envision yourself falling you will fulfill the prophecy. 

Today began Week 4 of training – 20 min swim with weights.  I did 1/2 mile/36 laps in 25:38:81.  I will also have to swim on Friday and I will set a goal of 50 laps.  I know this training is just to “finish” but I don’t feel that swimming only 20 minutes is going to prepare me for a 1.2 open water swim.  I personally would feel much better swimming the 81 laps/1.2miles each training swim.  Of course I’m making this statement dry, fully clothed and sitting on the couch.

I’m going to do weights now while watching Dancing with the Stars.  I’m also going to do push-ups and sit ups.  Watching the dancers and their sprayed tanned abs pisses me off and therefore good motivation.

As for inspiration, I don’t have anything mindblowing to report.  Training is hard.  Getting motivated and staying motivated to actually do my training is tough.  It sucks ass no doubt about it.  Why am I doing this?  Because I KNOW I CAN!

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