2012 Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K

Alison, my running buddy and fellow runDisney addict, and I were coming off of injuries inflicted during the summer training months.  Her foot was healing from a fracture and I had torn my TFL.  I wasn’t even supposed to be in California running, but had decided to come at the last minute.  I had originally signed up to run the Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K with my daughter, Kathryn, but had canceled when I canceled our family vacation due to my injury.
Alison hadn’t signed up for the 5K.  I had my daugher’s extra bib so she joined me bright and early for the start of the Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K.
Alison and I had both given our Disneyland Half Marathon weekend races much thought and consideration.  We had both decided, on our own, that we were not going to run hard.  We were going to Disneyland to have fun and not set any PR’s.  We were going to enjoy the experience and to have a good time!
It was a great plan
Now here’s the reality – Alison and I lose our minds when we get to a runDisney race.
Alison and I got to the start and once the race began all of our best intentions just flew out of the window.  We totally lost our minds.  We took off like bats out of $#%.  We RAN, at top speed, dodging and weaving and totally acting like ninnies to every single character stop!  We were out of control, but laughing, smiling and have the best time EVER!
RACE COURSE:  The Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K begins just outside of the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure.  The course then wraps its way into the backstage area of Disneyland and you enter the park behind Splash Mountain.  It then winds its way along the Rivers of America past The Golden Horseshoe and Big Thunder Railroad into Fantasyland.  There it goes through Sleeping Beauty Castle around the Matterhorn and then around Central Plaza and down Main Street, USA.  From there it runs through the esplanade into California Adventure and then around Paradise Pier to Cars Land and the Finish!
TIPS:  If you plan on signing up for the Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K plan to sign up either at the WDW Marathon Weekend or Disneyland Tinkerbell expos.  If that is not possible – sign up the day the registration opens.  Run with your family and friends and stop to take photos!
I have never had so much fun in my entire life during a 5K race!  This is the race were Alison and I decided to run every runDisney 5K available!  It was the best time EVER!

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