My Top 10 Reasons You Need Running Friends


I have running friends. I love my running friends.  Yes, we can annoy each other at 3am and get on each other nerves, but I do love and need my running friends.  Who else better to understand your love & sickness about running?

On Sunday June 2nd, my running friends and I will be racing. Strangely enough – not together.  We all had different agendas for our June 2nd race day.  Alison wanted to relive the hell of Vermont with the Covered Bridges Half Marathon (joy).  Janice is coaching her Hartford Half Marathon training group through the Iron Horse Half Marathon.  And I will be “competing” (to just finish) my Rev3 Quassy 70.3.Picture 082

We are going to be split up on race day, but I know that we all will be with each other in spirit.  I know we will all be thinking of each other during our race and wondering how each other is progressing.  I know how hokey that sounds, but once you have logged years of training miles in heat and humidity, downpours and snow, and then run multiple marathons with someone you just get “it.”

Here are my top 10 reasons you need running friends:

  1. They keep you on track:  They know all your weakness and your race plans goals and ambitions and thus can hold you accountable for logging your training miles by messaging you with guilt filled words until you finally get out of bed.
  2. They listen to your nonsense:  They will let you drone on and on and on about running; your running gear wish list, your dream races, your quest for PR’s – plus they even ENJOY the conversation.
  3. They speak your secret code:  They are able to communicate with you with just “looks” alone – this includes, but is not limited to, eye-rolls, sighs and other body language.
  4. They know when NOT to speak:  They know better than to speak to you or make eye contact with you at 4:00am.
  5. They have your back:  Got to go to the potty, no problem we can stop!
  6. They don’t mind your stink:  Breath, pits or body odor – all is forgiven until it is time to shower.
  7. They can keep a secret:  They wouldn’t dream of saying a word when you purchase your millionth Sweaty Band, Running Skirts or _____ at the race expo.
  8. They are your wing man:  They will always have with them the extra “something something” that you forgot on run/race morning – gel, NUUN, mittens, whatever and give it up freely to you.
  9. They will never ditch you:  They will just keep moving forward while still keeping an eye on your progress.
  10. They will support your habit:  They think your race plan is a good one and stupidly register for races with you.

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