Cedar Point: Review & Tips for the Best Amusement Park in the U.S.A.


Cedar Point in Sandusky,Ohio, is the Roller Coaster Capital & Best Amusement Park in the World.  Not only does the park boast 16 roller coasters, but also many other thrill rides including Power Tower, maXair and Windseeker.  It is a true amusement park with plenty of rides and attractions for the entire family and enough major coasters for a coaster enthusiast like me.


This trip to Cedar Point was my 4th trip to the park.  Living in Connecticut, Cedar Point is approximately 10 hours from home.  We coupled our visit to Ohio with a family celebration in Michigan.  Due to other commitments we were only able to commitment to 1 day in the park.

I absolutely love, love, love roller coasters and in my personal opinion, Cedar Point is one of the best parks in the country.  It is clean, well-priced, well-managed and worth the trip to Ohio to experience all the thrills it has to offer.  If you do not like roller coasters I still believe that there are plenty of other amusements Cedar Point offers – however, I have never personally experienced any of them and therefore cannot comment nor express an opinion.


Cedar Point is located on the edge of Lake Erie.  This provides other activities besides thrill riding.  You can swim at The Cedar Point Beach, parasail, rental a waverunner, or even hire a fishing charter.  Cedar Point has their own water park, Soak City and Challenge Park (go carts and mini golf are available).

104We booked our Cedar Point hotel and tickets online at www.cedarpoint.com .  Our hotel plus ticket package of $300+ tax got us one night accommodation, four 1-day park tickets, Early Access into the park and parking.  It was a great deal!

We stayed at the Breakers Express.  I would categorize the Breakers Express as value resort equivalent to a Days Inn.  It is clean, comfortable and utilitarian.  It has your basic amenities with a pool.   There is no theming what-so-ever.  The shower pressure was good and the air conditioner worked well.

Our park goal was to ride every roller coaster.  We rode 12 out of 16 coasters.  The weather played a major factor during our day.  It was raining off and on and therefore only 1 train could be run at a time due to breaking safety.  Therefore lines moved slowly.


  • Millennium Force – We rode this twice.  We raced to the ride and got right on during Early Entry.  This is hands down the best roller coaster in the USA and worth the price of admission.  It is a not to be missed ride and the most important roller coaster there.  The height requirement is 48” and the ride is a solid 2 minutes long.  Its top speed is 93 mph.  It is fast, smooth, has the tallest drop; and each ride is different every time you ride.  It’s always good; always freaks you out and leaves you wanting more!  TIP:  Ride it both during the day and at night for a totally different experience.


  • Mean Streak – We rode it twice and really didn’t want to.  My son and I got on without a wait the first ride.  Then ended up waiting an hour to ride with my husband and daughter.  The second ride was a better ride.  The height requirement is 48” and the ride is 2 min, 45 sec.  The top speed is 65 mph and you feel every single bump.  It’s a wooden coaster, which means it rough and bounces you around.  It hurts your back.  The death factor is high – which is part of the fun of a wooden coaster.
  • Blue Streak – older coaster, tame by today’s standards with fun little bunny hops.


  • Raptor – waited 2 hours; it’s the best hanging, looping coaster I’ve ever ridden.  It remains a favorite because of the speed, smoothness and the length of the ride.  You get your money’s worth.  It’s a 2 min ride and has a top speed of 57 mph.  Height requirement is 54”.
  • Magnum Xl-200 – Rode this twice.  It’s a Cedar Point Classic that can’t be missed.  Fast and thrilling – does not disappoint.  The “death factor” is high on the pretzel turns.  There’s not another ride that gives you more air on the bunny hops and in the 3 tunnels.  It’s only contender would be Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure (they are both that good).


  • Top Thrill Dragster – waited 1.5 hours to ride; the anticipation of waiting for the Dragster is the worst part.  The ride is only 17 seconds long, but the thrill lasts a lifetime.  There’s really 3 separate rides – the shoot off of zero to 120 mph in less than 4 seconds, the rise of climbing 420 feet in the air and then the fall of that same 420 feet.  You need to ride to understand.
  • Power Tower – I didn’t get to ride this trip, but these are the tallest drop rides in the country.  I personally like to ride them at night.  It’s 300 feet up into the sky and you can choose to rocket 240 feet up or free fall the same distance, your choice.


  • Gemini – another Cedar Point classic – dueling rollercoasters – red & blue trains race each other side by side on the steal tracks!  Fun!  The ride length is 2 min 20 sec and the top speed is 60 mph.  The height requirement is 48”.
  • Maverick – not real tall, pretty fast and lots of changes in directions; loops, corkscrews, spins, etc.  It starts off with a 90-degree drop!  The ride length is 2 min 30 seconds and top speed is 70 mph.  The height requirement is 48”.
  • 125
  • Mine Train – tragically lame; okay for a first roller coaster.  My 7-year old said, “Just like Big Thunder Railroad, but really bad.”
  • Iron Dragon – boring; fine, but not worth a wait.  It’s a filler ride just to check it off the list.150
  • Mantis – standing rollercoaster.  I didn’t ride it this trip, but it was my daughter’s first time.  She said it hurt to ride.  It’s different.  It’s a walk-on coaster and not worth waiting more than 30 minutes to ride.
  • Corkscrew – My 7-year old loved it, but it is the only upside down ride in the park he can ride.  It’s short and not really fast, but has a fun loop and some corkscrews.  It’s a classic and fun for someone’s first upside down ride.

135Sky Ride – I miss the classic Sky Ride gondolas and I love riding Cedar Point’s Sky Ride.  It’s relaxing and saves some time on your feet.  We rode the Sky Ride six times and still walked over 11 miles during our one day visit!

Cedar Ride TIPS:

  1. Stay on Property:  If your budget allows stay at Cedar Point.  You get Early Entry into the park to experience select rides an hour prior to the general public.  Also you get the best deal on tickets – $34 for one-day admission.
  2. Buy the Souvenir Bottle:  We paid $12.99 + tax and received free refills all day.  Plus if you are a return visitor you can pay only $.99 for each refill when you visit again the rest of the summer.
  3. Parent Swap:  Awesome!  Just like Baby Swap at the Disney Parks.  “One parent waits in line at a height-restricted ride.  After riding, they give their Parent Swap pass to the ride operator, and the other parent, who’s been taking care of the other little ones, can walk up the exit to get right on the ride.”  Go to Guest Services to obtain a slip.

Have you ever been to Cedar Point point?  What do you think?  It is on your “Bucket List”?

One Comment on “Cedar Point: Review & Tips for the Best Amusement Park in the U.S.A.

  1. I’m not a fan of roller coasters. I’ll be the purse holder while everyone else goes on them.
    Those are some wild bedspreads in that hotel room!


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