2013 Disneyland Inaugural 10K and Dumbo Double Dare Challenge:

225When registering for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, eight months prior back in January, I thought the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge would be easy peasy compared to the Goofy Challenge.

I had run the Goofy Challenge since 2010 and in 2011, I had added the 5K the day prior to the Half Marathon.  Since the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge was “ONLY” a 10K and a Half Marathon, it would be “easy” for me!  Also, since the 5K race was 45 minutes prior to the start of the 10K – there wouldn’t be an issue with me running that race as well!

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  In my optimism, I forgot to account for the a few things:250 (Medium)

  1. Running with Crazy Running Friends vs. Running with Your Family Who Thinks You’re Crazy:   Additional people in tow who don’t have a start line to get to equal less speed and more stress.
  2. Chaos in the Chutes:  Two races that share the same start and finish and only have a 45 minute window between their starts, means more chaos start and finish chutes.
  3. Life Sometimes Throws You Lemons:  My body was still healing from my recent breast cancer surgery.  My strength was non-existent and I was far from 100%.  My longest run was 8 miles in the past 3 weeks.

265 (Medium)Once I got my family through the Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K finish and posed for our official 5K photo, it was time to race to the start of the 10K.  Having walked to the corrals an hour earlier in darkness, running through the finish chutes, past the food and into the 10K corrals was a snap – especially since everyone running the Disneyland 10K was already in their corral and the race had begun 15 minutes prior.

287I was in Corral C and raced to this corral.  The crowd was moving up and I just joined walking group, happy to get a rest while waiting for our start to begin.  It turns out that Corral C was long gone and I was in Corral F (however, it seems this may not have been true since there were people from a lot of different corrals around me).

The 10K course was fantastic!  We ran 2 miles through the streets of Anaheim and past the Convention Center, but the rest of the course was all in the Disneyland Resort.  Now that I knew at least one group of runners was behind me, I decided to stop and enjoy the runDisney experience!  I stopped at the character stops and mile markers! The course was similar to the hour prior, but again totally different!  It was double the length and thus double the fun – plus we got to run through Sleeping Beauty Castle!

322The only negative of the race was that it was hot and humid.  It seemed that people needed more water than was provided.  The 5K had 2 water stops.  The 10K added an additional water stop at mile 1.  Normally I think this sufficient for a 10K, however, the weather and the later start time wasn’t helping race conditions.

All in all a wonderful runDisney experience and I would do it all again in a second!!!


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