2013 Disneyland runDisney Kids Races – 400 Meters

092The 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend was our family’s first time participating in the Kids Races and overall it was an awesome experience – one I hope to repeat when we travel to 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend!

347My son ran the 400 meter dash.  This event is open to 7 & 8 year old children.  One parent is also allowed to accompany their child on course, however, only 1 medallion is awarded to the child.

The other Kids Races at the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend included:

  • 12 months and under – Diaper Dash for crawlers
  • 1-3 years old – 100m dash
  • 4-6 years old – 200m dash

354The Kids Races began at 10am and our final race instructions said to arrive in our corrals no later than 9:45am.  The Kids Races Corrals used the same area as 10K Bag Check in the Family Reunion Area in the Lilo Parking lot.  When we arrived at 9:45am this area was still being utilized by the 10K runners & volunteers.

Overall, the Kids Races communication was poor.  We were staying in the Disneyland Hotel and trying to get to the parking lot was a feat in itself.  Both Disneyland Hotel Cast Members and runDisney volunteers were giving out inaccurate information on how to get into the corrals.  Areas were blocked off and needless walking by the children, on an already hot and sunny day, was unwarranted.

355Once we made finally made it into the corral area, the families were left to their own devices to make sure they were in the correct place.  Having run a few races myself, I found the 400 Meters banner and positioned my family in the crowd of parents and children who looked to be the similar age and size of my son.

We then waited.  First, the 200 Meter Dash sea of children and parents were escorted to the start.  Then the 300 Meter Dash sea of children and parents….soon it was our turn.  A volunteer grabbed the 400 Meter Dash banner and we followed him to the race start.  Children running alone were positioned in the front of the crowd and close to the start line.

356Then they were off!  For all that waiting around the race took a minute and it was over!  The course ran from one side of ESPN Zone around the front to the other side and under the 5K and 10K finish!

My son’s bid had a parent claim ticket that we were instructed to tear off prior to the race start.  This was our ticket to claim him in the holding area (only 1 parent per child is allowed in the holding/claim area).

Once we were reunited with my son, I saw how proud he was of his medallion.  This was the first race he ran all by himself.  That reason in itself was worth the aggravation our family experienced getting him to the start line.  He had also run the 5K earlier that morning and now he was the proud owner of two runDisney medallions that day (just like his mother).

357runDisney Kids Races Tips:

  1. Bring Water & Snacks:  There’s a lot of standing around so be prepared to keep both the runner and other family members comfortable and occupied.
  2. Expect “Organized” Chaos:  This was our first experience with the runDisney Kids Races and I thought them very disorganized, however, I was assured by other parents that this disorganization was typical of the Kids Races.  Keep calm and remain cool.
  3. Don’t Blink:  We brought two cameras to the race and good thing because as soon as it started it was over!  My husband was able to video my son at the start and finish of the event since the course was “u” shaped!
  4. Sign Up for More!:  Yes, it was over in a second and yes, it was a pain in the butt to get to the start, but it was totally worth it and I’d do it all over again to see my son excited about HIS race.  Yes, runDisney I will be signing up for another Kids Race because it was MAGICAL!

3 Comments on “2013 Disneyland runDisney Kids Races – 400 Meters

  1. It’s too bad they haven’t fixed the communication issues with getting people to the starting line. We had the same problem when our kids ran last year. But it’s great to see that your son had so much fun! Great tips for what to expect too!


  2. I’ve wanted to sign my son up for an event at the WDW marathon every year, but I didn’t know how it worked, thanks for the insight! I know he would love the medal, but not the standing around.


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