2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Expo

1010588The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is one of my favorite running weekends of the year.  It was my first marathon and obviously my favorite since I this would be my 6th WDW Marathon (and 5th Goofy).  The new challenge this year was the Inaugural Dopey Challenge!  The Dopey consists of running 5K on Thursday, the 10K on Friday, the Half Marathon on Saturday and the Full Marathon on Sunday.  Upon completion of the challenge you would earn 6 medals including a Goofy and a Dopey medal.

1010600Traveling with me this year was my family and my best friend’s family.  All would be running one or more races during the weekend.  Knowing how chaotic the Health and Wellness Expo can be, we opted not to bring our families.  We had enough to do and were all business.  Our goal was to pick up our race bids, shirts, pins and shop the official merchandise and specific vendors and then high-tail it out of Dodge.

We picked up 18 bids and 26 shirts – and honestly Disney made it was easy!

  • 2 Dopey runners – 4 bibs and 12 shirts
  • 8 5K’s – 8 shirts
  • 2 Kids Races – 2 shirts
  • 1 10K – 1 shirt
  • 3 Half Marathons – 3 shirts

1010589The biggest lines were for the 5K and Dopey (and New Balance shoes) which made perfect sense considering these events were taking place the following day.

The runDisney Official Merchandise area was orderly and merchandise was grouped by race.  I picked up a Dopey vinyl decal, a Dopey magnet, Sweaty Bands a Dopey jacket and a “I Did It” Dopey and Goofy shirts.  Plus I remembered to use my Disney Vacation Club 10% off discount!

1010597Then we shopped at Sweaty Bands, Ink-n-Burn and picked up my pre-order from Sparkle Athletic (which I was wearing at Tinker Bell Half Marathon the following weekend).

We were in and out of there quickly I thank runDisney for doing an excellent job!

How was your 2014 runDisney WDW Health and Wellness Expo experience?  What was your favorite purchases?  What do you regret buying?  What do you regret NOT buying?

8 Comments on “2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Expo

  1. I get overwhelmed at these big expos, so I like to get in and out. However, my mom and sis wanted the Disney New Balance shoes, so we had to return to the expo 3 times!!! They finally got em though.


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