2014 Princess Royal Family 5K

One of my favorites of the race...

One of my favorites of the race…

I love a runDisney Family 5K and the 2014 Cinderella Royal Family 5K was one of the most fun I’ve had since last month’s Neverland 5K.

What makes these Family 5K’s so much fun? Is it that the runners aren’t timed? Is it that everyone “brings it” and dresses in costume? Is it that there are more character stops that there’s no choice, but to have fun? Yes, yes and YES!

The Cinderella Royal Family 5K is the exact same course as the Walt Disney World Family Fun Run 5K in January. We begin and end in Epcot’s Amaze parking lot and enter Epcot park running under Test Track and next to the Mexican Pavilion. There we run around World Showcase and into Future World to the front of the park’s gates and around Spaceship Earth turning left at the restrooms back out to the parking lot for the finish!

111This was our first race of Princess Weekend.  We had signed up for the 5K and Glass Sipper Challenge.  The Glass Slipper Challenge includes both the Enchanted 10K and Half Marathon.

Perfect Goofy Gail and I were dressed for the occasion as Aurora and Mary Poppins.  Seriously, Perfect Goofy Gail had hands-down the best costume of the day except for my favorite Snow White (see above video).  Tip – if you plan to run a race during Princess Half Marathon Weekend be sure to BRING IT!  Bring the tiara.  Bring the tutu.  Bring a costume.  If you need help with ideas go to the expo and the runDisney vendors will hook you up.  Dressing up and not acting your age is part of the charm of a runDisney race and you should definitely take advantage of this!

147Our race plan was to stop at #ALLTHECHARACTERSTOPS and to have fun!  I’m not sure why there are so many more character stops at Princess, but I counted 5 character stops for the Royal Family 5K: Princess Atta, Mulan & Mushu, Dopey, Jasmine & Genie and Beast. This felt like way more than at Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

Yes, it did take us over an hour to finish the 5k with all our stopping!  Yes, the lines WERE long, but it was worth it!  Did we have a good time?  Heck YES!!  Would I do it again – absolutely!!  But first we needed to run the 10K tomorrow as the first race of the Glass Slipper Challenge!


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