Confessions from the Z-list – Emotional Mojo

181I haven’t been exactly shy sharing my journey with breast cancer.  I believe that sharing my experiences helps others cope with their struggles through cancer.  I also want to empower women to live their life and be strong.  Almost every single day I receive an email or a message letting me know how I’ve helped or inspired someone through their personal journey – be it a bad mammogram, cancer or even a bad race.

182I want to thank all those who have written me or honored me with a race over the past year.  I really appreciate you taking the time to share those kind words with me.  They mean so much and it  helps ME get through my personal struggles and demons.

So as an over sharer, when I received an invitation, from Diet Diva, Tara Gidus, to appear as a guest on the show Emotional Mojo I jumped at the opportunity!  I was invited to share my journey with cancer and how it has affected my life and my outlook on life.

Emotional Mojo is a national syndicated motivational show that “empowers people to move forward and follow their dreams.”  It is a very inspirational show and have no doubt you will take something positive away from watching.  Tara’s co-stars are Jada Jackson and Michelle Yarn.

190 I invite you to watch the interview:


6 Comments on “Confessions from the Z-list – Emotional Mojo

  1. I know I’ve told you this several times already, but I’ll say it again: you’re a true inspiration! I’m honored that I got to meet you in person during the WDW 10k. I wish you nothing but the best as you continue your fight!


  2. Thanks for sharing your story Kimberly you do have such a zest for life and touch so many people along your journey. Your smile and eyes sparkle and shine through.
    “Do What You Love and Love What You Do” Your Amazing!


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