I have fallen off the wagon …

and I’m okay watching it go by….

I don’t know what happens to me between Walt Disney World Marathon weekend and April, but every year I tend to fall off the fitness and eating well bandwagon.

This year it’s bad.  Very bad.

I’ve gained weight.  Normally I’m 142 lbs and a size 4-6 (and lately more size 6 then 4).

This year I’m going to blame my 6 lbs (okay maybe 8 lbs) on chemotherapy.  SHOOT – that’s been over since January.

Okay – then I’ll blame the weight on my hysterectomy.  SHOOT – the doctor told me I would not see any weight gain with hormone loss.

Fine.  I’ll fess up.  I believe I have gained my 6 to 8 pounds of belly fat on my addiction.

Yes, I am an addict and my drug of choice is:


I try to begin every day with a clean slate.  Today I started out making good choices.  I brought my lunch into work along with lots of snacks – Chobani, snap peas and carrots.  I have my  clothes and sneakers ready for my 21 Day Fix workout.  I just need to back away from the Mini Eggs…..wish me luck!!!

What’s the one thing that derails your diet and fitness routine?  

10 Comments on “I have fallen off the wagon …

  1. Dude — whoever told you that the hormone changes wouldn’t cause weight gain LIED to you!! 🙂 It’s not the eggs – it’s the hormones 🙂
    That’s my motto in fact.
    My big downfall, lately? Fresh sourdough bread from Stew Leonards. There’s a reason I only buy a half a loaf at a time!!


  2. Weekends. I do really good at work during the week, food and exercise-wise. Then the weekend comes with wine and playing with kids and everything goes out the window. I fear being jobless in 2 weeks because I’m a boredom snacker. I should be good through May because I’ll be doing research in Ireland but after that it’s going to be a challenge.


  3. OMG the Easter candy is killer. So tempting. I always fall off the wagon after a hard race both in eating and running. It never fails after a marathon. But I always find my way back too. Sounds like you have a great plan.


  4. I fall apart November thru March! I can’t get motivated when it’s cold and snowy. It’s April and I haven’t been able to get my snacking under control!


  5. Christmas gets me more than Easter. Even this past Christmas season, when I was finishing up training for my first full (at Disney), I managed to pack on five pounds in the midst of running about 40 miles per week…I was, after all, entitled to that extra Christmas cookie!

    I found out yesterday that I’m running Chicago this Fall, so I wonder if I’ll adopt the same philosophy while training for a marathon in the heat of a Florida Summer…

    By the way, I haven’t lost all five pounds from Christmas yet (though I’ve lost two of them), but now that I’m gearing up for another marathon training season, I am committed to getting down to a “PR” weight!


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