Breast Cancer at 41 – Reconstruction & Hysterectomy

Before the operation, prior to the purple marker...

Before the operation, prior to the purple marker…

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014 I went into the hospital for my breast reconstruction surgery and an elective complete hysterectomy.

The reconstruction included removal of my saline filled tissue expanders and insertion of my silicone 450CC squishy implants!  To say I was looking forward to my new boobs was an understatement.   The plan was to make incisions on the mastectomy scars, pull out the bags and insert the implants.  I wouldn’t even require drains!

My surgical team recommended I also have my ovaries removed because I have the BRAC2 gene.  Since my mother had ovarian cancer at 42 and I have had abnormal cells on my cervix I elected to have a total hysterectomy removing my uterus, tubes, cervix, and ovaries.  AND my doctor said that I would be able to run again after 6 weeks (REMEMBER THIS BECAUSE IT IS A BOLD FACE LIE).

Note the call time and length of surgery

Note the call time and length of surgery

At 42, the choice to have a hysterectomy wasn’t difficult since I have had two children, had countless periods and didn’t EVER want to experience chemotherapy or cancer again.

However, I only agreed to have the hysterectomy if it could be scheduled on the same day as my reconstruction.  I didn’t want to go under the knife nor add to my recovery time.  Major pissing wars and negotiations between the Plastic Surgeon and the OB-GYN’s office allegedly took place.

I finally received the confirmation from the hospital 10 days before surgery that both procedures could be accommodated.  Operating rooms were booked – apparently there are different types of tables needed for each surgery.  One surgery requires a cocoon shaped apparatus and the other requires a table that raises the patient to a sitting position.

In recovery

In recovery

The two surgeries would take approximately 5 ½ hours.  My hysterectomy was scheduled first.  It was performed laparoscopically with one small incision in the belly button and lots of air.  After that was completed I went straight into the breast reconstruction.  I don’t know what they did to me in that room and I really don’t want to know – my OB CONFIRMED –  I did not want to know.  My plastic surgeon told me that he lifted me up and roomed me from one table to the other – again – I really do not want to know.

I soon woke up to my husband smiling down at me with my iPhone 5S fixed.

Next up Breast Cancer at 41 – The Recovery (from another set of surgeries)

3 Comments on “Breast Cancer at 41 – Reconstruction & Hysterectomy

  1. You’re amazing and I’m really lucky to know you. Besides, you’re the only person who’s boobs I’ve ever touched in Epcot, so you’re special. 🙂



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