Mother Bear: 12 Mother’s Day Gifts for the Active Mom

I’m past that point of my marriage and in my life where I’m not above telling someone exactly what I want for my birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day.  If your someone special needs a few hints on appropriate and acceptable gifts then continue to read on because these are some items I would recommend for Mother’s Day:

Stickers or Emblems suggested - magnets tend to fall off or get stolen

Stickers or Emblems suggested – magnets tend to fall off or get stolen

  • Marathon Emblem:  Running a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon is a live changing momentous event and we runners like to subtlety let everyone know just how many miles we have run.  Our favorite place, other than our medal racks, are our cars!
  • Jewelry:  Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day than jewelry.  Diamonds are fantastic, but sometimes silver’s just as nice (and cheaper).  There are fantastic little running charms to buy for your mom!  Here’s a selection from Gone for a run.
  • From the 2013 New York City Marathon

    From the 2013 New York City Marathon

    Running Tee or Sweatshirt:  When I’m not wearing my race techs, I still like to brag about my running by wearing cute running sayings or mileage sweatshirts.  One of my favorite is from Another Mother Runner Store

  • Sports Watch:  If the mom on your list doesn’t own a sports watch and she is serious about running, this might be the best item to buy for her special day!  Personally, I’m a Garmin girl, but there are plenty on the market that fit any budget.
  • Some new shoes, jacket, or shorts would be nice!

    Some new shoes, jacket, or shorts would be nice!

    Ear buds:  Nothing is more annoying then earbuds constantly falling out of your ears while running.  I’ve owned quite a few pairs over my 6 years of running and I love Yurbuds!

  • Clothing –  everyone can use another headband, running visor, running skirt or even new socks!  Some of my favorite brands are Sweaty Bands, Running Skirts, SparkleAthletic and Sparkle Skirts
  • Race Entry – It doesn’t have to be a runDisney race, but there’s nothing better to celebrate Mother’s Day 2015!  The runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend
    Another Mother Runner 26.2 sweatshirt

    Another Mother Runner 26.2 sweatshirt

    registration opens July 15th and Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend registration open August 12th

  • Spa Day or Massage – This is a no-brainer for your athlete – best to pre-purchase a package to secure the best rate!
  • Books or Runners World subscription -if she doesn’t have a subscription to Runners World she needs one.  The also offer electronic delivery.
  • Medal Rack – this is for the shrine that will soon invade your home.  There’s plenty to choose from that will fit the decor of your home.  Allied Medal has some nice designs, but do look around on Esty and Pinterest too!
  • Foam Roller or Stick – both are necessities.  If you have to choose just one, I love The Stick, I have two!  Seriously – it will change your life.
  • Road ID – This is something that I just didn’t find the time to purchase for myself and really, it’s stupid not too.  You never know when something bad is going to happen and a runner needs to carry ID that is visible.

What are your suggestions for the perfect gift?  What’s number one on your list?

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