Running Ragnar Cape Cod (aka – what did I get myself into?!!)


A few weeks ago I received a Facebook message asking if I wanted to join the Ragnar Team “2014 Ragnar Runs on Dunkin.”  To be a member of a running team which combines my love of running with my love of COFFEE (sweet nectar of the Gods) – yes sirree, I jumped at the opportunity!  Plus – not only did they have a spot for me, but I also secured a spot for my pal, Perfectly Goofy Gail!!!

Ragnar Relay Series is an overnight relay race.  From my limited understanding, me and 11 of my new Facebook friends – have I mentioned I only really know Perfectly Goofy Gail – and I will pile into 2 vans and tag team running 200 miles, beginning at 7am on Friday in Hull, Massachusetts and run all through the morning, afternoon and night until we arrive in Provincetown!

Each of us on the team will run 3 times during this adventure and our runs will vary from 3 to 8 miles each.  Another exciting fact – Ragnar Cape Cod also qualifies for a DOUBLE MEDAL!!!!  Runners who complete Cape Cod and Ragnar Adirondacks (which I am already registered to run with Team Bondi Band) will earn the additional Docks and Dacks medal!

 My Ragnar Cape Cod Goals:

  • To go into this race experience with an open mind
  • To have fun at all costs
  • To not injure myself
  • To make new lifelong friends

Have you ever run a Ragnar Relay Race?  Which one and what advice do you have for me?

6 Comments on “Running Ragnar Cape Cod (aka – what did I get myself into?!!)

  1. My co-worker’s daughter is doing Ragnar Cape Cod too. We were looking at the team names and we had picked Runs on Dunkin as our favorite. I’ll be looking forward to your recap. It sounds like a lot of fun. Hearing about it on the Another Mother Runner podcast made me think “hey, we should do that!” until I remembered I can’t pee in the woods, sleep without a bed and get carsick in the backseat. LOL Good luck and have a great time!!!!!


  2. Following your photos over the weekend inspired me to sign up for a Ragnar too – for Cumberland MD to Washington DC in September! And I just blindly joined a team that had some open spots 🙂

    Our team’s name… “I Ran, I Cramped, I Drank.” LOL!


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