Ragnar Cape Cod – I Can’t Wait to Do it Again!

My teammates

My teammates at the start…

If you had told me last week I would have enjoyed running Ragnar Cape Cod, I would not have believed you.  In fact, I would have told you you were out of your mind.

Getting ready to run my 1st leg...

Getting ready to run my 1st leg…

I didn’t get Ragnar.  I couldn’t understand how running from Hull to Provincetown, Massachusetts with 11 people, from morning, noon and night could be fun.

I was wrong.

It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!

And it is an experience every runner should attempt at least once.

Ragnar is good because it supports the average runner to the elite, but it also welcomes the novice.  It has legs everyone can accomplish and a runner can even combine the legs for an ultra distance.

I was in Van 1 with my teammates – Allison, Starr, Gail, Jamie and Todd.  I was runner 5.  My distances and time run were 5.4 miles at 10:32am, 5.3 miles at 10:25pm and 3.5 miles at 9:44am.  Your team runs all 6 of their legs and then hands off to Van 2 who then run all their legs while Van 1 rests and then you repeat until you reach the finish where all 12 of you run across the finish line together!

Van 1 decked out in night gear

Van 1 decked out in night gear

The best part of Ragnar is the van support from your team!  The team is there to cheer you on and support you with water or whatever you may need throughout your leg.

The worst part of Ragnar is trying to rest during the day and surviving on little sleep during the night or early morning.

The runner stink, port potties, TP hording and snacking is the fun part of the Ragnar experience!

Ragnar is part road trip, part camping,  part running and part cheer leading.  It’s not just a race, but an experience and I can’t wait to run an ultra at Ragnar Adirondacks in September!

Finishers of Ragnar Cape Cod

Finishers of Ragnar Cape Cod

Here’s my top five things a new runner should know going into a Ragnar Relay:
1. Use the packing list – it was spot on and I also added a sleeping bag and towel for the shower
2. Bring toilet paper, tissues and a roll of paper towels – seriously – you can not have enough of these and they can double as lumbar support
3. You are going to stink and so are your teammates – be sure to wipe down and reapply deodorant – gum is good as well
4. Realize you aren’t going to sleep well – get over it now
5. Prepare yourself for fun because that’s why you signed up!

Be sure to check out Run All The Races post “Everything you need to know about Ragnar”

Have you run a Ragnar Relay Series event?  What are your Ragnar tips?

8 Comments on “Ragnar Cape Cod – I Can’t Wait to Do it Again!

  1. We did a trail Ragnar last October- McDowell Mtn in AZ as a 4 person ultra team. It was the most amazing experience EVAH!!! I, too, didn’t “get” it. After spending 2 days in Ragnar Village camping out, I am in love. I don’t know about a van Ragnar, but I will jump on another trail Ragnar in the future! 🙂


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