Jost Running Virtual Racing – Now Why Would I want to Do that?

Brave New Route medals and bib

Brave New Route medals and bib

In the spirit of trying new types of races (Ragnar and the Shamrock Duathlon), I decided to try a new adventure – Virtual Racing.

Virtual racing has gotten big in the running community, so when I saw that Jost Running was looking for bloggers to give their product a try, I thought what the heck this could be cool.

Celebrating with my racing partner after our 5K

Celebrating with my racing partner after our 5K

I do have to say though, I never understood the point of Virtual Racing.  I mean isn’t the point of racing to run with other people completing against them.  However, I decided to put aside any preconceived notions I had about virtual racing and give it a try.

A virtual race is a race where the runner can race anytime, anywhere they want.  It’s run on the honor system and you are responsible for tracking your distance and time.  Jost Running makes it simple to Virtual Race.  The runner sets up an account and registers for the race distance.  In May, Jost Running is offering “A Brave New Route” races in the 5K, 10K, half and marathon distances.   The 5k and 10K costs are $25.  The half and full marathon costs are $35.  One thing I love about Jost Running Virtual Racing is many of their races are run to benefit a specific charity.  A Brave New Route is to benefit:

“The ALS Association School years are coming to an end and Memorial Day will remind us to think of the bravery of men and women who have risked it all to ensure our upcoming sweet summer days. Let’s not stop the momentum that we have built through the spring and dig down to find our adventurous spirits by breathing in the early summer air and trying something new in our runs. April showers have ended, so maybe it’s time to ditch the streets and take it to the trails–getting to know those shaded, mountainous paths before the upcoming heat makes it necessary. Maybe you are taking a well deserved vacation over the holiday? How about researching new routes in your new locale so that you can stay on mileage target and use a virtual race to map and plan your dream destination one? #BraveNewRoute #WhereWillURu”

Post race celebratory photo

Post race celebratory photo

I decided to run the 5K distance and choose a #BraveNewRoute!  I logged into my account, clicked the 5K and registered.  I printed out my bib, cut it out and attached it to my Fuel Belt.  As soon as lunchtime rolled around Jetta and I set out for our race (during a workday!!).  Since the theme was a #BraveNewRoute I confused my running partner when I took off in a direction she wasn’t used to running.  We raced using a 2 minute run and 30 second walk interval.  Once we hit the 5K (3.1 mile) mark we were finished!  I ran to the computer to submit my time and to see where I ranked among the other 44 racers.  Currently I’m ranked 6th with my 30:52 finish!

What I liked about Jost Running – The Virtual Racing Company:

  • Jost Running’s website is user-friendly and simple to navigate
  • The bling – I was impressed with the hardware – beautiful designs and solid medals
  • The prices – for as little as $25 you are racing to benefit a charity, receive a training log, a beautiful medal and a sense of community
  • The freedom – virtual running allows the runner  to set his own course, start time and focus on himself.  I think this would be perfect for someone with off hours, a hectic schedule or living in a location without races
  • The rankings – I liked seeing my results with the other participants
  • The reward – virtual racing is a great incentive for those not ready to commit to a race with other runners.  Races can be very intimating and this rewards the distance run and can also be used as a great motivator for long training runs

What I didn’t like:

  • I missed the other runners – virtual racing mimics a race in everything except the other runners – hey, I think I have something up my sleeve for next month…

Disclosure: I was provided race entries by my friends at Jost Running, however all opinions are my own.

Have you ever participated in a Jost Running Virtual Race?  What did you like?  What would you improve?

5 Comments on “Jost Running Virtual Racing – Now Why Would I want to Do that?

  1. Hi Kim,
    I’ve never done a Jost virtual race but have done many virtual races before. They can be really fun, especially when you do them with a group of other runners. I like the fact that you can choose your own route!


  2. I just did my first virtual race and loved I could do it when I was able to, (no ugly early morning alarms going off!) AND I could run with the Wonder Mutt! My time was far from fast as I’m just ramping up on mileage again, but it did give me something to look at on my pretty bland looking race calendar. 🙂 Plus who am I to say no to more race bling?!


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