@Fitbit Fanatic Product Review

Purchased June 14, 2013

Purchased June 14, 2013

Free pedometer from work

Free pedometer from work

Ever since I purchased my Fitbit One last year, I have been going on, and on and on about the product!  It’s a product that you don’t necessary NEED, but once you get one – it will change your life!  I purchased the Fitbit because I was interested in finding out how many steps and miles I was walking when I wasn’t using my GPS watch.  I was also interested in finding out how I was sleeping.  My husband snores and I felt I wasn’t getting enough quality sleep due to constantly having to kick him to shut up!

I didn’t go right out and drop $100 on the Fitbit.  I wanted to know if I actually REALLY wanted this information and if I would use it to motivate myself to get moving.  My company gave us free pedometers to track our steps and I loved it.  It wasn’t until I dropped this free pedometer into the toilet that I decided – yup, it was time to upgrade!

120I choose the Fitbit One.  I choose the One because I didn’t want ANOTHER item on my wrist when exercising – GSP watch, Road ID, etc.  And I choose the One because I didn’t want an ugly sport device on my wrist when at work.  I work in an office setting and the Flex would clash with my outfit.  And that is a no, no.

I like the One because you can’t see I’m wearing it.  I wear it clipped to my bra, between my boobs.  Because the Fitbit One has Bluetooth capabilities, I can monitor my fitness by checking the App on my iPhone.  I can also input my calories and water!  The best part – I can compete with my friends and even cheer them on to get moving!!!

Steps walked during a day at Cedar Point

Steps walked during a day at Cedar Point

My Fitbit help me get moving when I recovered from my surgeries – I used it to track my steps and miles walked while recovering.  I also love it on non-run days because it motivates me to take the stairs or take the dog for a walk INSTEAD of sitting on my butt!

Also, I can safely say that I have NOT dropped my One in a toilet or lost it while running – and I run A LOT and travel A LOT!  So if you are ready to learn more about Fitbit please use my refer a friend link!  Let me know what you think!!

*Disclosure: I purchased my Fitbit in June, 2013 and am now participating in their Refer a Friend Program.  All opinions are my own.




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