Product Review – PR Soles Recovery Sandals Designed for Runners

PR Soles in Periwinkle/Teal - Size S

PR Soles in Periwinkle/Teal – Size S

I don’t know about you, but when exercising and training for marathons my feet and legs are constantly sore!  So when I received a pair of PR Soles Recovery Sandals to try and review, I thought awesome, but how great could they really be?

  1. Would they truly make my tired legs feel better?!!
  2. Would I want to wear them in public?!!
  3. Did I really NEED another pair of slides dedicated to running?!!


“PR Soles are recovery sandals designed for runners.  They claim to aid in improving circulation by stimulating blood flow, alleviate foot, leg and lower back pain, and reduce swelling and tension allowing for your feet and legs to recover faster!?” –

Skeptically, I put them on.   I had measured my feet when ordering, using the sizing chart provided online.  I ordered a Small/7.5-8.  I am normally a size 8/38 shoe and size 9 running shoe.  They fit perfectly.

PR Soles are a plastic slide with a cushion egg-crate-like lining.  Although they aren’t the most attractive shoe I’ve seen, I instantly FELL IN LOVE!!!   Every runner knows that your toes can get quite beat up training.  With PR Soles there was enough space for all 10 of my toes to spread out comfortably.  With every step on these “egg-crates” I felt my feet and calves engaged.  Recovery?  Not sure yet, but man my legs muscles were liking the experience!

Yes, this is my new look!

Yes, this is my new look!

Again, I was not totally convinced with wearing them a day, I wanted to truly give them a thorough check.  I wore them ALL WEEKEND.  Then I wore them driving to and from work.  Then I couldn’t or wouldn’t take them off and replaced my house slippers with PR Soles.

Honestly, I love them.  Yes, they are ugly, but you don’t care because they feel soooooooooooooooooooooo very good on your feet.  Now I don’t have lower back pain, so I cannot speak to that, but my feet and legs are happy, happy.  My heels are happy – my calves are happy – and therefore I am happy.

The ultimate review – would I purchase them myself for $29.99?  100% yes!!! 

The price point is great.  The slides are comfortable.  Yes, you shouldn’t walk miles in them, but plodding around the house and on short errands, they are perfect!  Although this is a fashion no-no, I plan to wear PR Soles on the plane with my compression socks on my next cross-country “racecation”!

Even comfortable driving...

Even comfortable driving…

To purchase your own pair of PR Soles click here.

Disclaimer:  Gone For A Run provided me with a pair of PR//Soles Recovery Sandals free of charge to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Do you know a pair of PR Soles?  What are YOUR thoughts?

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