Get Yourself on the Cover of Runner’s World!

coverI’ve never fancied myself a cover model, but when I heard that my beloved Runner’s World was having a contest to be on the cover of their December issue I knew I had to apply and YOU SHOULD TOO!!!

Why?  Because I think it would be awesome to see someone on the cover that is NOT your typical skinny, fast, “I win all the races” runner, but a runner that represents the middle of the pack, possibly a charity runner that runs to overcome an illness or disability.  Someone I can relate to –  are you this runner?

Then do it now – apply!!!! 

Step 1:

Step 2: Provide up to 100 word answers to 3 questions.

How did you start running?

What is the personal running accomplishment you are most proud of?

Why is running important to you?

One word to describe your running self.

Step 3: Upload 1 photo of yourself that is under 2MB!

Step 4:  Share with your friends and remember to use the hash tag #RWCoverContest!

Yes, I decided to throw my hat into the ring and enter the contest!  But I love a good contest and relish in competition!  So vote for me if you want or don’t – but do take the time to read all the runner’s stories before you vote because there are some very good ones listed!

002 - Copy (Small)


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