My Top 5 Tips for Surviving the Family Vacation Across America


A family vacation across the United States to our great National Parks is a rite of passage.  Nothing says family togetherness like a spending a week(s) in the family truckster.  Here are our top tips to surviving the family trip across America:

  1. Embrace the “family truckster”: Get the kids use to being in the car, early and often.  Seriously, we started them on long car rides when they were both babies.  Driving is one of the most economical ways to see America and I highly recommend the experience (even though I complain about it every time).
  2. Get comfortable: The car will be your “home base” for the length of your vacation.  You are going to be in there awhile so comfort is key.  Bring pillows, blankets, DVDs, WiFi hotspots, books, magazines, etc.  Stop at RedBox to pick up new movies or the classics.  Nothing says happiness to parents like quiet children.
  3. Make your pit stops efficient: I have three rules for a pit stop – 1. Top off the gas tank 2.  Clean the windshield    Go the bathroom – because if one person has to go we are all going.  Nothing drags out a trip than having to stop every hour.
  4. Pack snacks: I’m a big believer in packing a cooler and eating what we have with us.  Go to the store prior and stock up on things you may not normally give the kids.  HAVE FUN!  You’re on vacation a Twinkie isn’t going to kill you.
  5. Don’t bring the kitchen sink: It’s taken me years to learn this, but Pack Light, it will help save on gas and you are never going to wear all those clothes! Do laundry on your trip.  If you forgot something – no worries, there’s at least one Wal-Mart and Target in every state.

Have you taken the family across the USA to visit our National Parks?  What’s your tip to share?  

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