Tips for Running Multiple runDisney Races in One Weekend:


I’m not sure if there necessarily is an art to running multiple races in a day or weekend, but I do know it takes months of training and planning to make your races a success.  Here are my tips for running multiple races in a weekend – assuming you put in the effort into training!

092Get Your Game On:  Or mentally prepare for your races.  What I’ve learned from running multiple races on the same day or consecutive days is you must be mentally prepared for the long haul.  The trick is to take each day at a time, with the emphasis on the last and longest race.  So remember to pace yourself through the weekend, keeping your eye on finishing the weekend injury-free and smiling.  And remember it is not advisable to run all the races for time – choose 1 race as a goal race and the others run for fun!

092Layout Your Race Outfits:  When packing for the trip, it makes sense to lay out your running clothes/costumes and fuel for each day so nothing is forgotten.  I bring a pair of shoes for each race, cut my KT-Tape strips, count my bottles, count my NUUN tablets and ACCEL Gels, and prepare my race belts.  I also pack each day together so when I arrive at my hotel everything is race-ready.

My race check-list:

  • Hat/Sweaty Band/Bondi Band
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Chapstick – remember to put into race belt
  • Deodorant – I use a double mixture for races – Ladies Speedy Stick & Ban (roll-on)
  • Glide
  • Sports Bra
  • Costume top or tech shirt
  • Costume bottom or tech skirt
  • Sports watch
  • Road ID
  • Wrist sweat band or towel
  • Bib on Race Belt – gels, bottles of NUUN
  • Compress sleeves or socks
  • Shoes

340 (Small) (Medium)Be Prepared for Anything:  Anything will and can go wrong, so I like to be prepared and bring the following with me to the race:  KT-Tape, BioFreeze, Glide, Advil, Sunblock, Ban Aids, blister powder, foam roller and stick.  When running multiple races it is important not to injure yourself prior to finishing – especially when a Challenge medal is involved!!!  Remember it’s best to tape, use BioFreeze PRIOR to the onset of pain.  I also wear compression socks and always, always, always roll, roll, roll to flush out the toxins after each and every race.  Both compression socks/sleeve and rolling help aid recovery.  If you can schedule a massage the 2nd to last race that’s key as well!

Disneyland Hotel Pillow

Disneyland Hotel Pillow

Rest & Relax:  runDisney races are amazing and I love enjoying the Disney Parks post-race.  When running runDisney it is important though not to explore the parks at your normal touring speed.  Maybe the day of your middle race is a pool day instead of a touring day.  I always park tour while on a runDisney weekend, but I take it slow.  Slow your speed to a more leisurely pace, enjoy yourself, but please take time to sit, relax and recover.  Also, remember to turn in early for the night earlier than normal – you have a race to run tomorrow!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:  Hydrate prior to the races.  Hydrate post each race.  If you are going to partake in an adult beverage, remember to replenish your fluids.  When traveling to the race, bring water with you in the car, on the plane, or train.  Carry water on your person at bib pick-up, through the expo and ESPECIALLY while park touring!  Drink early and often!!!

052Plan Your Fuel Wisely:  The rule is nothing new on race day.  That being said, remember to pack your breakfast or make sure it’s available at your hotel.  If you are racing multiple days, pack for each day and don’t be shy about packing extras.  Remember you are running multiple races on multiple days so it is vital to fuel and fuel properly.  There’s nothing easy about running multiple days – sleep, fuel and hydration are the cornerstones to a successful race weekend.  Remember to take special care when selecting your dining reservations.  There’s nothing fun about the runner’s trots.  Nothing.

What’s your favorite tip for running multiple races? 


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13 Comments on “Tips for Running Multiple runDisney Races in One Weekend:

  1. Definitely hydrate and fuel properly like you said! I also make it a point to try to get off my feet a little between races and stretch/ roll/ ice, etc.!


  2. Great tips! For me, hydration is absolutely key, and I never try to PR when running back-to-backs (especially not at Disney, when there’s way too much fun to have along the way!) You basically just have to be prepared for anything and everything, from costume malfunctions to hotter-than-expected temps. Taking in shows and enjoying the parks at a more leisurely pace will also do wonders when it comes to making sure you’re as rested as possible for each race. 🙂


  3. Great set of tips! I’d agree that proper fuel, hydration, and sleep are key. I’d also add in an ice bath to help aid recovery. Also packing back-up attire – if you plan on shorts and tanks, bring capris and a long shirt in case it’s cooler than expected (or maybe some throw away clothes).


  4. These tips are key. Especially the hydration and rest. There’s so much distracting fun at Disneyland, sometimes it’s easy to forget that you’re going to be punishing your body early the next day… and the next day…


  5. Greetings fellow blog hop,
    Great post on running back to back RunDisney events. As a 2x finisher of the Goofy Challenge, you were spot on with all your details! Great job! Good luck to everyone doing Double Dare. Hopefully you have got in your back to back work and remember proper nutrition, hydration, and rest are key!


  6. All great points! Especially the hydration aspect! Last years weather was so brutal that I was finding myself dehydrated at points and I felt like a fish with all the water I was drinking!


  7. Oh runners trots. Few mention, but so so important! Especially after days of running when your body is already weirded out a bit. Your next post should be dining recs for the three pre-race dinners!


  8. This is our first challenge so we’re not sure how it’s going to go! The tough part will be resisting exhausting ourselves at the parks! My husband and I have APs so we’re content just hanging out, but his brother is running with us (and he doesn’t get out to the parks much), so he might want to ride all the things! O.o


  9. Great tips! I haven’t tried running any back to back races but if I ever do, I’ll make sure to come back to this post! Thanks for sharing!


  10. I was so excited to read this post Kim- I am actually running my FIRST challenge this January (yes, I’m a big girl now), and will be turning my advice to others inward. I need to take training more seriously so I don’t end up in my own clinic! Pacing the parks is always key, and I will be rolling like a fiend. Thank you so much for joining the hop once again- your advice and attitude (and smile) are always invaluable!!


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