National Parks: Exploring America as a Family – Part 3

Here’s another tip when exploring our National Parks:  journal, journal, journal every evening!  I took my laptop and tried to write down everything we saw each day, so when I finally wrote my blog entry and began to SCRAPBOOK, I would have all the details of my trip ready.  Here are day 7’s  highlights.

Day 7: 

Yes, the wolves are there...

Yes, the wolves are there…

Lamar Valley:  Woke up early and was out the door and on the road by 6:10am!  We saw bison, prawn horn deer and the highlight was 2 black wolves we saw in the distance with the help of a scope.

The Petrified Tree

The Petrified Tree

Petrified Tree:  Having been to the Petrified Forest it was a disappointment.

IMG_4990Mammoth Hot Springs:  We walked the Lower Terraces Area and drove the Upper Terrace Drive.  We spotted some Elk in the distance and were excited to cross them off our “must see” animal list….until we drove into town and we saw elk everywhere!!!  And I mean everywhere – laying in front of the buildings in the shade resting.

IMG_5005Roosevelt Arch:  We had to travel into Gardiner see the original park entrance.  We had our picnic lunch in its shadow.

IMG_5018Gardiner & Boiling Rivers:  We took a dip in the Gardiner River where the Boiling River flows into it.

IMG_4998Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel:  We had to stop in the historic hotel to take a peek at the Map Room and visit with a FaceBook friend who happens to work in the park!  We also had some exceptional ice cream.


Blacktail Plateau Drive:  Took this 6-mile dirt road in order to see more wildlife.  We didn’t see anything except for a squirrel.

IMG_7603Tower Fall:  Enjoyed the short walk to the falls, but really enjoyed learning about the different rock layers that make up the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Have you traveled to any of these places?  What was your favorite part?

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