You’re Sure to Meet a Couple of “Characters” on the Course…


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I experienced my first runDisney The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ 10-Miler Weekend last year. I completed both the Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ 10-Miler. I loved both races, not only for their courses and themeing, but for the variety of characters I encountered during each race.

Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run:
If you have ever experienced Mickey’s Not So Scarey Halloween Party, you’ll know the highlight is the parade opening featuring The Headless Horseman. In 2013, we experienced a similar surprise at the start of the Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run. Here are the characters I encountered in 2013.

The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf


Captain Hook

Captain Hook

Br'er Bear & Br'er Fox

Br’er Bear & Br’er Fox

Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John

Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John

Haunted Mansion Grave Diggers

Haunted Mansion Grave Diggers

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler:
Character photos during a night race can get a little tricky due to the low lighting.  Most of my photos did not come out.  So if you are “dying” to grab a photo with your favorite character, I would suggest waiting in line for the professional photographer.  Here are some of the characters we encountered in 2013:

  1.  Witch from Snow White
  2. Jafar
  3. Zombies
  4. Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas
  5. Queen of Hearts
  6. Dr. Facilier
  7. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed
  8. Stitch
  9. Wreck it Ralph

298 (Small)

What character stop is your MUST STOP SNAP for the 2014 race weekend?

9 Comments on “You’re Sure to Meet a Couple of “Characters” on the Course…

  1. 2014 TOT will be my first time running this one! I am excited to run at night through Disney!


  2. This is the one thing that worries me about making TOT my one runDisney race for 2015.
    I am a picture NUT!!! I have yet to find a camera that works good for night pictures 😦


  3. I am so glad you posted this–I am running this for the first time this year and it will be the first time I run a Disney race with the goal of getting as many photos as possible! This has made me extra excited about this race!!!! 🙂

    Oh and my “must stop” would be Stitch. 🙂


  4. We are running this for the first time and I am not sure we will be stopping for character photos. I think our cell phones would do a poor job in the dark of capturing the moment.


  5. I definitely want to stop for the Queen of Hearts, since my race costume is Alice! I’m bringing my camera and hoping it will take decent night photos.


  6. My absolute favorites were the Grave Diggers! I’m not usually a Disney Villain fan, but the creative and wicked surprises during this race weekend were unique and FUN. Your costumes and photos are always top-notch Kimberly- thank you for once again sharing them with us!!

    Liked by 1 person

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