Race Report: 2014 runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon, Part II Dumbo Double Dare

At the start of the half

At the start of the half

The Disneyland Half marathon is hands down my favorite runDisney Half Marathon race (although the Tinker Bell Half Marathon is a very close second).  The Disneyland Half Marathon holds a special place in my heart for many reasons, but what made the 2014 running of the Disneyland Half so special was I would be earning my 50th runDisney medal (actually 50, 51 AND 52) at the completion of the half marathon.  Not only that, this race would also be my 30th half marathon.  Note:  Perfectly Goofy Gail earned HER 50th runDisney medal at the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon – coincidence? 


For my 4th straight Disneyland Half and 2nd Dumbo Double Dare, I was excited to share the miles with some BRF’s – Sweaty Band Merle and Perfectly Goofy Gail. Gail and I were dressed as Dumbo the flying elephant – complete with his magic feather and the ring master. Merle’s costume was her Sweaty Band 😉  Note:  I have a mission to get her into a costume.


The Disneyland Half Marathon begins where both the 5K and 10K started days earlier on Disneyland Way.  We headed south past Disney’s Grand California Hotel and Spa and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel, turning left on West Katella Avenue and then another left onto South Harbor Boulevard. There we turned into Disney California Adventure for our 3+ magical miles through both Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Park.


Our race plan was to “take it easy,” but Gail and I took off like jackrabbits pulling Merle along for the ride.  Thank goodness we planned on stopping at all the photo opportunities because we seriously needed a break to catch our breath!


Even though the Disneyland Half Marathon spends the least amount of course time in a Disney park, it is still my favorite race because of what it offers outside the park. Yes, the course outside the park is unspectacular, however, the people of Anaheim and the community/cultural groups who come out and support the race ARE spectacular. As with previous years, there were school bands, school cheerleaders and dance teams, cultural dancers, and my favorite part – the vintage classic cars! The cars are grouped together, not only by type, but by decade.  Photo stops included a DeLorean, Herbie the Love Bug and even a hearse.


Although many complain and see miles 4 through 12 as boring, I personally find they ‘fly by’ and remember them fondly.  My favorite part of the Disneyland Half Marathon, other than running through Sleeping Beauty Castle, is running through Angels Stadium. The stadium is located at 15K or 9.3 miles – where energy can be lacking.  Once you enter the stadium (watch the steep hill) the energy is electrifying. The stadium is filled with both Boy and Girl Scouts cheering you on as your round the bases!  New for 2014 – an announcer interviewing runners!  Gail & I took the opportunity to take an #Usie with him!


Unfortunately, the fun of the Disneyland Half Marathon only lasts 13.1 miles and IMO is over too quickly. We soon headed towards the Disneyland Resort and on property to finish the race. After we collected our Disneyland Half medal (my 50th runDisney medal) we also collected our blue Coast to Coast medal (our 2nd of the year since we had collected our Pink Coast to Coast at the finish of the Princess Half Marathon Weekend).  We then picked up our 5th runDisney medal of the weekend – the Dumbo Double Dare.


I thought the 2014 Disneyland Half Marathon/Dumbo Double Dare was on-par with other Disneyland Half Marathons I have run (2011, 2012, 2013).  Course entertainment was stellar and there was a good assortment of photo stops:

  1. Green Army Men
  2. Mater and Lightning McQueen
  3. Firetruck
  4. Jake
  5. The Three Caballeros
  6. Lady Tremaine, Drizella, Anastasia and Prince Charming
  7. Darth Vader
  8. Maleficent
  9. Jafar and The Evil Queen
  10. Cruella de Vil and Dr. Facilier
  11. Big Thunder Ranch assorted animals

The runDisney volunteers were outstanding as usual.  The water stations were well stocked with happy and encouraging volunteers.  I also think the runDisney post-race recovery box is getting better with each race!  The tech race shirts were finally available in ladies sizes this year (YAY!!!!) and the colors and designs were pretty.  The medals and their ribbons consistent with the runDisney standards.  To me, it was a success and I cannot wait until 2015!  For a full video recap please see the link below:

What was your favorite part of the 2014 Disneyland Half Marathon?  Are you coming back in 2015?

2 Comments on “Race Report: 2014 runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon, Part II Dumbo Double Dare

  1. I love that the three caballeros were there! I had a good time in 2013, but man was it hot! Great recap- made me miss running! 🙂


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