Product Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 18 – Realize the Power Within


I recently received a complimentary pair of women’s  Mizuno Wave Rider 18’s to review. This was my first ever pair of Mizuno running shoes.  I had heard only positive reviews from my BRF, Janice.  Janice is an official tester for Mizuno and is constantly showing up to our long runs in yet another pair of Mizuno’s to test (lucky girl).

010Style:  The color sent was Black/Silver/Florida Key colors.  I would have never picked out black shoes for myself, but I was open to trying something new and the color grew on me.  I really liked the Florida Key color accents on the soles and laces.   Styling was fresh and current – I felt like a hipster.

I love how design of the black into the silver

I love how design of the black into the silver

Cushioning: The shoe is designed for neutral runners and I found there was enough support for me.  I didn’t feel the need to add a shoe insert.  The Wave Rider 18’s were quite springy and lightweight/airy.

They even looked good lounging around...

They even looked good lounging around…

Wear test:  I received these shoes to review right between my 2 marathons – Hartford, October 13th and New York City, November 2nd.  I decided to break in the Wave Rider 18’s running errands and on my short runs.  Then I decided to give them the full test during the Hershey Half Marathon on Sunday, October 19th (my 38th race of 2014).

Mizuno Wave Rider 18's with my Hershey Half Race Essentials

Mizuno Wave Rider 18’s with my Hershey Half Race Essentials

What I liked:

  • The fit – I normally wear a size 9 in a running shoe and the Wave Rider 18’s Women’s size 9 fit perfectly (meaning perfect amount of extra room for my toes while not allowing my heel to move).
  • The support was perfect for my run especially the race.  The shoe was stable, yet lightweight and durable.  The hills of the Hershey Half were rolling, I had tripped and almost fallen on my face, the shoes kept me grounded.
  • They are new shoes so I felt the difference in cushioning right away.  It will be interesting to see how they wear once more miles are put on them.
Mizuno Wave Rider 18's broken in during the Hershey Half

Mizuno Wave Rider 18’s broken in during the Hershey Half

What I didn’t like:

  • The shoelaces were short.  I had to loosen the laces to allow for swelling and I couldn’t double knot my laces.  I had to stop and retie during the race which was an annoyance.
  • When I got tired my ankle rubbed against the right (and only the right) side of the shoe.  Not a fault of the shoe, but my tired gate.

All in all – I liked the Mizuno Wave Rider 18.  I thought they were a good solid, sturdy running shoe – perfect for a wide range of neutral runners.

Mizuno’s Wave Rider 18 are available in both Men’s and Women’s sizes in a wide selection of colors.  The Weight of the Men’s shoe is 9.2 oz.  The Weight of the Women’s shoe is 7.8 oz.  The suggested MSRP is $119.99.  The Mizuno Wave Rider 18’s are on sale now nationwide and on – Check out the Fuchsia Purple color!

Disclosure:  I was given Mizumo’s Wave Rider 18 product to review.  The thoughts and opinions are my own.



One Comment on “Product Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 18 – Realize the Power Within

  1. I actually used to run in Mizuno’s until I realized that the toe box was a little tight for me…once I switched to something with a slightly wider front my toes were much happier!

    I did really like them though and would totally consider trying them again if they made a model with more room in the toes!


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