Mother Bear:  Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Active Mom


It’s December 17th and frankly, I’m a little behind with my holiday shopping.  This year, I decided to focus on enjoying the holidays by putting up the tree (early for once) and enjoying it (sitting and staring at the twinkling lights in my clean living room sans runDisney costume parts) instead of running around up until Christmas Eve trying to make everything perfect.

At 43, I realize the ONLY person who cares about perfection is ME.  So this year I’ve decided to be, if I can quote My Fair Lady, “more like a man” and not stress out and see where inspiration takes me…

Scott James Jewelry

Scott James Jewelry

Here are some gift ideas on MY holiday wish list – Click on the item name.  A link will bring you directly to the shopping page:

  1. Clarisonic Cleansing Device  Let’s face it – runners are exposed to the elements.  Wind burn, sun burn, extreme cold, rain you name it.  Keep those lines away and protect your skin.  I love mine and have had it for YEARS.  Seriously – years.    $99 and up
  2. Barefoot Dreams What’s the first thing you want to do after a 20-mile run?  Right – cuddle up in the fetal position and die, I mean nap.  How about napping wrapped in an ultra soft, like butter, Barefoot Dreams wrap.  I have 2 wraps and a blanket I used for chemotherapy treatments.  I gave a wrap to my mother-in-law last Christmas.  Worth every penny.  $90 and up
  3. Bondi Band Hats I love Bondi Bands hats – lightweight, dry wick material, cool colors.  These are great for cancer patients as well.  I love the choice of ponytail or pigtail holes!  $18 each
  4. Scott James Jewelry I love my medals, but it’s frowned upon to wear them post race.  This is where race jewelry comes in – goes hand in hand with car race magnets as conversation starters to discuss running and your races with anyone who is too dumb to know better 😉 $10 and up
  5. Alex and Ani bangles. They have running themed bangles, inspirational, favorite charity, sports team and Disney bangles.  You are welcome.  $28 and up
  6. Something with Wonder Woman on it – a coffee mug, a water bottle, underroos, a make-up bag.  She will love it, because if she grew up in the 70’s, she loves Wonder Woman.  Trust me.

If you need more gift ideas check out my mother’s day list.

Stocking Stuffer’s:

Let’s discuss the importance of the Christmas stocking.  Please remember to fill your significant others stocking.  There is nothing sadder than a limp, empty Christmas stocking on Christmas morning.  I have to fill my own so I here are a few items I will be stuffing in my stocking this year:

  1. Philosophy Shampoo, Shower Gel, Bubble Baths – get the travel size.  My favorite flavor is birthday cake!
  2. Krave Jerky – You must try the Black Cherry. My favorite.  My kid’s favorite.
  3. Shower Pill – I have a few squirreled away when I need them. One is in my work desk drawer.  Another in my car.  And another is in my gym bag.  Perfect for Ragnar Relay Races.  Perfect to have on hand ICE.
  4. Chap Stick – It’s winter. Everyone needs multiple Chapsticks (try Cake Batter and Candy Cane) for their purse, their car, their desk drawer, their ski jacket and then add a few more because one always goes into the dryer and melts all over your clothes.
  5. EOS Lotion & Lip Balm– With lip balm flavors of Honeysuckle and Tangerine what’s not to love.  Their lotion is good too, but what I’m really buying is the cool packaging. I love it.  I’m a sucker.
  6. Real Time – I’m not sure which race expo I was where I was made to try RealTime, but let me say – I attended an expo the following week and purchased a $30 tube. Yup – so good I’m over BioFreeze.
  7. Sweets – There is nothing better than a chocolate covered marshmallow Santa, Pez, the Lifesaver “book,” you get the idea – don’t be stingy.

 What’s on your shopping list?  Have any suggestions?

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