Race Report: 2014 runDisney Inaugural Avengers Half Marathon AKA #AvengeTheStrip Part 1

The second race of the runDisney Avengers Half Marathon Weekend was Perfectly Goofy Gail and my 19th runDisney race of 2014.  We would earn our 25th and final runDisney medal of the year by running the Half Marathon.  But WE couldn’t JUST fly across the country and run the half marathon in California.  No, no, no.  Since we were so close to Las Vegas we would have to take advantage and ALSO run the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon (yes, the full) in the evening.

1509787_904253289584951_4036973142852230768_nThe Inaugural Avengers Half Marathon began at 5:30am.  Joining Perfectly Goofy Gail and I, was #SweatyBands Merle.  Since we were attempting #GoofyInADay, our costumes were non-nonsense, yet cute-as-can-be,  #TeamSparkle inspired and #SweatyBands accessorized.

625Below is the course map.  As you can see, it is a mash-up of other Disneyland half marathon courses, but run in the opposite direction in through the Angel stadium.


The course would had been a really fun, fast run, but Mother Nature and her Santa Ana winds had other ideas.  30+MPH head-winds made running difficult, exhausting and down-right PAINFUL.  Please take a look at our video at the top of the page to see examples of the wind, the downed course mile makers and again the wind pelting our faces.

10644895_904932106183736_4317873054269934111_nI loved the trail part section of the Avengers Half Marathon and running through Angel Stadium, but was the course fell short due to lack of park time. Of all the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathons, this course had only 2 miles of park time versus the normal 3-miles.  The only thing that made up for the lack of park time was the cosplay performers on the trail and outside the stadium cheering on the runners.

Also, the Avengers character lines were so long, we only waiting in the Hawkeye line (Merle’s request) because we needed to catch a plane to Las Vegas for the Rock n Roll Marathon and #AvengeTheStrip Part II.


 Did you run the 2014 Inaugural Avengers Half Marathon?  Are you running in 2015?


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