Another Mother Runner Retreat Report – Day 3

THE Big Dam Bridge

THE Big Dam Bridge

Saturday, April 18th:  Once again we were up at 6:30am, ready for our long group run – the “Big Dam Bridge Group Run.”  It was our choice of how far and how fast we wanted to run – 3, 6, or 9 miles.  Some BAMR’s were even planning to run longer, but we were going for “only” a 10-miler.

538 (2)The Arkansas River Trail was nice and flat.  We had plenty of company on the trail with other morning runners and cyclists.  We had multiple aid stations with plentiful supplies of GU and NUUN.   It was great appreciated since the weather was a little humid.  Action Wipes and Trigger Point were waiting for us at the finish along with hot coffee and breakfast burritos from Mugs Cafe.

609 (2)After our roll-out, wipe and refueling it was time to head back for our morning sessions.  We struck the jackpot and drew “All Things Yoga” with Sage Rountree.  Yoga was exactly what we needed to stretch our muscles from our 10-mile Big Dam Bridge run.  Sage took us through yoga to do before, during and after our run – Parking Lot Yoga, Focus Tips and Reclining Twists.

599 (2)After yoga, I decided I needed a longer “comfort break” that included a nap and a shower.  And because it was our retreat to come and go as we pleased, I decided to skip Goal Setting and Goal Upping for relaxation and refreshing.

600 (2)I rejoined the afternoon session for “Nutrition” with Cassie Dimmick.  Cassie was outstanding.  She took out body fat assessment – which I will share in an upcoming post.  Cassie then discussed fueling on the run and her Top 10 Nutrition Tips.  My big takeaways were to limit my sugar and to gradually work towards 10-servings a day of vegetables (to avoid stomach pains).

604 (2)Our last session of the day was “Strength Training:  Not an Option” with Dimity.  We were introduced to squats (Sally Up!), hip hikes, hip extensors, glute bridges, and lunges.  I say this now, because I must have blocked out all the training, it  was a fantastic way to end our last session of the day.

623 (2)Our evening activity was centered around Dimity’s Favorite Pre-Race Dinner – Pizza & Beer at Diamond Bear Brewery.  We had already run to Diamond Bear Brewery on Friday’s Little Rock Group Run and was happy to actually partake of their beer.  I believe I had the Dogtown Brown.  It was delicious.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize before downing my beer, we would be broken into teams to come up with skits to perform and compete with each other.  But it was all in good fun and a great way to bond, celebrate our new friendships and create lasting memories with each other.  (It reminded me of a cross between Sorority Rush and Camp – in a good way.)

637 (2)Next up – Day 4

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